For the last event of Romancing the Stones’s twenties we met at our old standby, Batch Kolaches. It was a lovely May day in the high 70s, and we got 18 players – a nice uptick after two smaller events earlier this year. Good for 5 rounds of Vintage and a cut to Top 8!

Paul Garrett came onto our scene in 2022 and pretty quickly established himself as a strong competitor: this season he’s already Top 8’d both RTS27 and the Dance Party. It wasn’t a huge surprise, then, that he Breached his way to victory. Welcome to the Invitational, Paul, and enjoy the Jace Trophy!

We’ll be taking a Vintage hiatus for June – expect us back sometime in July. In the meantime, we’ll have more Middle School shortly – watch this space!

  1. Paul Garrett – Grixis Breach
  2. Ben Kendrick – Stax
  3. Seth Nowlin – Oswald Dreadnaught
  4. Bryan Hockey – UR Spelldancer
  5. Will Ho – White Initiative
  6. Kai Schafroth - Esper Tinker
  7. Fernando Ruiz – Aggro Shops
  8. Joe Wozny – Golos shops
  9. Mike O’Malley – Lurrus Jeskai
  10. Stuart Zianik – Esper Tinker
  11. Robin Mannas – Goblins
  12. Hunter Britton – Sheoldred Wheels
  13. Brian Espinoza – Eldrazi Initiative
  14. Brandon Sikes – Voidwalker BUG
  15. Doug Matus – Lurrus BUG
  16. John Thomas – Mono Red Aggro
  17. John Britton – BG Hogaak
  18. Brian Tweedy – Lurrus Jeskai