Romancing the Stones tournament series are divided into seasons. Each season lasts about a year, and ends with the Romancing the Stones Invitational for that season. The winner becomes the Romancing the Stones Season Champion, and earns a year of bragging rights.

Event Info for the Season 3 / 2020-2021 Invitational

  • Date: Saturday, December 4th
  • Time: 10:30am arrival, 11:00am start
  • Location: Kinda Tropical (3501 E 7th St., Austin)
  • Format: 3 rounds of Vintage, followed by 3 rounds of Middle School, then a cut to top 4 (Vintage). We will be playing timed rounds with open decklists.
  • Food & Drink: Breakfast tacos will be provided, and there will be food and drinks available to order throughout the day (KT is a bar/restaurant!)
  • Pre-tournament To-do: Email written decklists to by EOD Thursday, December 2. On Friday, Stu will share all the lists so you can study up on your opponents.


Invites to the 12 players who will qualify for the season 3 / 2020-2021 Invitational are given out for:

  • 1 invite to last season’s invitational champion
  • Winning a single-day or league event (other than the Festival of Friendship)

Players can never earn more than one invitation. Thus, if a player who is already invited places 1st at an event, the invitation for that event would go to the 2nd place finisher. If that player is also already invited, 3rd and 4th place will face off for the invite.


The following players have secured their chance to battle to become the Romancing the Stones Season 3 champion.

  1. Bryan Hockey - Season 2 / 2019 Champion
  2. Woodrow Bogucki - 1st place at RTS 17
  3. Brian Tweedy - 1st place at RTS 18
  4. Rob Connolly - 1st place in the Summer School MS League
  5. Lorien Elleman - 1st place in the Fall Semester MS League
  6. Alex Zavoluk - 1st place at RTS 19
  7. Tim Everett - 3rd place at RTS 20
  8. Conor Brown - 2nd place in the Dance Party MS League
  9. Patrick Vincent - 1st place in the School’s Out MS League
  10. Ben Kendrick - 1st place at RTS 21
  11. Andrew Webb - 1st place at Home School MS League
  12. Mike O’Malley - 3rd place at RTS 22

Past Champions

  • 2018 Invitational Champion - Bryan Hockey
  • 2019 Invitational Champion - Bryan Hockey