Romancing the Stones tournament series are divided into seasons. Each season lasts about a year, and ends with the Romancing the Stones Invitational for that season. The winner becomes the Romancing the Stones Season Champion, and earns a year of bragging rights.

Event Info for the Season 4 Invitational

  • Date: Early December
  • Location: Austin
  • Format: Likely a split of Vintage and Middle School with open decklists.


Invites to the players who will qualify for the season 3 / 2020-2021 Invitational are given out for:

  • 1 invite to last season’s invitational champion
  • Winning a single-day or league event (other than the Festival of Friendship)

Players can never earn more than one invitation. Thus, if a player who is already invited places 1st at an event, the invitation for that event would go to the 2nd place finisher. If that player is also already invited, 3rd and 4th place will face off for the invite.


The following players have secured their chance to battle to become the Romancing the Stones Season 3 champion.

  1. Andrew Webb - Season 3 / 2021 Champion
  2. Mike Klements - 2nd place (1st passed on the invite) in the Dance Party 2020 MS League
  3. Kai Schafroth - 1st place at RTS 23
  4. Luke Tooker - 2nd place in the School’s Out 2022 MS League
  5. Woodrow Bogucki - 1st place at RTS 24
  6. Miguel Garcia - 3rd place (1st and 2nd passed) in the Summer School 2022 MS League
  7. Satish Subramanian - 1st place Houston Hurricane Weekend
  8. Fall Semester Middle School League winner
  9. Bryan Hockey - 1st place at RTS 26
  10. Brian Tweedy - 2nd place at RTS 26

Past Champions

  • 2018 Invitational Champion - Bryan Hockey
  • 2019 Invitational Champion - Bryan Hockey
  • 2021 Invitational Champion - Andrew Webb