It’s been a busy Q1 for our community: from RTS27 to the Dance Party League to the Hunter Burton Memorial in Dallas, we’ve had our share of Magic to play in Texas! To finish out the quarter, we held RTS28 this past weekend at Kinda Tropical. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and 14 wizards came out to play Vintage.

How many times have I written the following sentence? “Bryan Hockey won the tournament on a spicy blue pile.” The man is hard to stop, and added our wonderful Teferi Baseball Card to his growing collection of RTS Trophies. Because Hockey’s already qualified for the Invitational, runner-up Patrick Vincent came away with an Invite for his efforts.

  1. Bryan Hockey – Esper Lutri
  2. Patrick Vincent – Doomsday
  3. Stuart Ziarnik – Esper Tinker
  4. Brian Espinoza –Eldrazi Initiative
  5. Robin Mannas – Worldly Tutor Goblins
  6. Mike O’Malley – SqueeVine
  7. Bobby Scheidemann – Jewel Kitten
  8. Colorado Wilson – 4C Planeswalker Control
  9. Paul Garrett – Esper Tinker
  10. Brandon Sikes – Hypergenesis Combo
  11. Matt McCall – No Show Atraxa
  12. Seth Nowlin – White Trash
  13. Lee Webb – White Initiative
  14. John Thomas – 5C Mind Over Matter Tinker