We kicked off our Vintage season with a cozy 12-man event at Conan’s Pizza. It’s been cool and rainy in Austin, so a day of beer, pizza, and cards was perfect.

Our local Goblins aficionado Robin Mannas took it down. Robin’s been knocking on the door of a win after many, many Top 8s, and finally he Snooped his way to victory. Welcome to the 2023 Invitational, Robin.

With this event, we got to debut this season’s trophies: 90s-style baseball Planeswalkers! Our proxy guru Bobby has crushed it again, and we’ve got a hell of a lineup of trophies to hand out.

  1. Robin Mannas – Goblins
  2. Bobby Scheidemann – Jewel Shops
  3. Paul Garrett – PO
  4. Stuart Ziarnik – Initiative
  5. Brandon Sikes – Voidwalker BUG
  6. Bryan Hockey – Grixis Sheoldred
  7. Patrick Vincent – Oops! All Spells
  8. Jake Baltz – Esper Tinker
  9. Mike O’Malley – HollowVine
  10. Ian Files – Grixis Sheoldred
  11. Brian Espinoza – White Eldrazi
  12. John Thomas – Mono Black Aggro