Our third annual Middle School Dance Party has been boogying away for the last 6 weeks! We had a respectable 32 wizards dancing with us this year, including lots of familiar faces and a few new ones.

By this point, no one should be surprised to see Andrew Webb at the top of the standings. He’s put up results across many leagues on many different archetypes. This time, he piloted the fearsome Survival Elves deck to a 7-1 finish, good for first place!

The Top 8 saw a bunch of funny stories play out:

  • Webb played a custom gold-bordered printing of the deck he used to win the 2021 RTS Invitational. And now, with neither changes to the 75 nor even sleeves, it’s earned him a spot in the 2023 Invitational!
  • This was Paul Garrett’s very first time playing Middle School, and he took it all the way to 4th!
  • In the 2022 Dance Party, Stu had an undefeated run on Sligh all the way to Top 4, when he lost to Survival Elves. In the 2023 Dance Party, Stu had an undefeated run on Sligh all the way to Top 4, when he again lost to Survival Elves.
  • This is Jake Hilty’s 4th Top 8, and his 4th loss in the Quarters. The man just can’t break into the semis.

The league was great, every round ran smoothly, and the meta looks healthy. This was a perfect way to kick off our year of Middle School. Thanks y’all!

  1. Andrew Webb – Survival Elves
  2. Phil Collier – UW Stiflenaught
  3. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh
  4. Paul Garrett – UB Psychatog
  5. Robert Wilson – Sligh
  6. Brian Tweedy – The Solution
  7. Jake Hilty – Rifter Parfait
  8. Bryan Chasanoff – Monoblack Necro Control
  9. Masayuki Higashi – UW Replenish
  10. Gregg Graham – GW Oath
  11. Luke Tooker – Survival Elves
  12. Patrick Vincent – UW Landstill – DECKLIST MISSING
  13. Ty Thomason – Food Chain Goblins
  14. Mike Klements – Geddon Elves
  15. Rob Connolly – Mono Red Ponza
  16. Daniel Anschutz – RB Goblins
  17. Phil Thorson – Stormbind Survival
  18. Mike O’Malley – Threshold Geddon – DECKLIST MISSING
  19. Angelo Kortyka – RG Fires
  20. Chad Frazier – Threshold Geddon
  21. David Craig – Final Fortune Goblins
  22. Lorien Elleman – UW Regrets Decisions
  23. Rajah James – BG Spirit Control
  24. Michael Arnold – Merfolk
  25. Robin Mannas – Firecat Survival
  26. Miguel Angel Garcia – Mono Red Goblins
  27. Eric Caffrey – GW Beasts
  28. Grant Castleton – The Rock
  29. Jason Hallman – Junk Spirit Control
  30. Chet Miller – Dragon
  31. Kyle Wells – Mono White Mill
  32. Elliott Frank – Bant Enchantress