RTS26 was our last open paper event of the season. We met at Tweedy’s, FKA Spider House Café. Tweedy and his gang have really done their magic rebooting an iconic Austin scene. The whole vibe was great: it was a lovely fall day with good drinks and a fun group of mages. So, a great way to send off the season.

The Texas Vintage meta continues to get weirder and weirder. The field was only half blue, and Bazaars abounded.

Per tradition, we were offering 2 Invitational spots for this event. As a result, the field was full of thirsty locals who haven’t qualified yet! (Though we also had the pleasure of some friends from Houston and San Antonio turning out.) Seasons 1 and 2 RTS champion Bryan Hockey took it down on a wild Caves of Chaos Adventurer/Fable of the Mirror Breaker Pile, while Tweedy’s 2nd place finish also earned him an Invite. Congrats, boys!

We’re finishing the last few rounds of the Fall Semester League now, which will cap off the season and round out our Invitational roster. The Invitational itself is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd; we’ll have times, format, venue, and the streaming situation announced shortly!

It’s been a great season, both digitally and in paper. We hope and expect this year to have been a template for RTS moving forward, and are already excited for 2023.

  1. Bryan Hockey – UR Caves
  2. Brian Tweedy – Jeskai Xerox
  3. Patrick Vincent – Oops All Spells
  4. Sean Soderman – Golos Shops
  5. Sam Goldman – Jund Hogaak
  6. Lee Webb – HollowVine
  7. Seth Nowlin – White Eldrazi
  8. Stuart Ziarnik – Grixis Breach
  9. Robin Mannas – Goblins
  10. Nick Patniyot – Golos Shops
  11. Tanner Hogan – Dimir PO
  12. Mike O’Malley – Jund Hogaak
  13. Brian Espinoza – Dredge
  14. Paul Garrett – Doomsday
  15. Brandon Sikes – Dimir PO
  16. John Thomas – Sligh