A few years ago, we hosted a Vintage tournament in Houston. Ever since, RTS12 has been spoken of as possibly our most fun, debauched event to date, and we’ve been scheming how to make our way back to H-Town. Serendipitously, this spring the Falling Stars crew reached out to us about co-hosting an Old School tournament. After much planning, that turned into the Hurricane Weekend: a double-header of OS and Vintage in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood.

The Falling Stars did the heavy lifting for Saturday Old School, and boy, did they put together something fun! 31 players came out to Rudyard’s Pub, good for 7 rounds of swiss and $1000 raised for the Houston Food Bank. We expect the Stars will be doing a writeup, so for now, we’ll let some pictures do the talking:

On Sunday we took over for Vintage, and got 23 players back at Rudyard’s – a great turnout, and a fairly different crowd than Old School. Big Blue and Bazaar strategies abounded, culminating in a dramatic finals of Austin Hogaak vs Houston PO. Ultimately Satish took it down off the back of Sphinx of the Steel Wind, representing his hometown while earning himself a beautiful Tarot Hollow One and a spot at the 2022 Invitational.

Our return to Houston lived up to the hype, and we’d love to make Hurricane Weekend a permanent fixture on our tournament calendar. In the meantime, we’re finishing out the 2022 season: the Summer School MS League is about to cut to Top 8, after which we’ll be announcing the Fall Semester MS League in early October, and RTS26 Vintage in November.

  1. Satish Subramanian – Esper PO
  2. Mike O’Malley – BG Hogaak
  3. JP Coleman – BUG Control
  4. Brian Tweedy – UR Xerox
  5. Bryan Hockey – 4C Lurrus
  6. Patrick Vincent – Jund Hogaak
  7. Tim Everett – Merfolk
  8. Sam Craven – 2 Card Monte
  9. Joe Wozny – Ravager Shops
  10. Ben Kendrick – Ravager Shops
  11. Nick Patniyot – Golos Shops
  12. Collin Rountree – Doomsday
  13. Shane Remelt – Jeskai Lurrus
  14. Stephane Taxy – UR Xerox
  15. Derek Blanchard – Esper PO
  16. Jake Baltz – UR PO
  17. Stuart Ziarnik – Colorless Eldrazi
  18. Bobby Scheidemann – Coveted Jewel PO
  19. Ryan Kessler – Jund Hogaak
  20. Aaron Boyce – Grixis Breach
  21. Brian Espinoza – Dredge
  22. Servando Turrviartes – Junk Hogaak
  23. Jason Lee - Goblins