It’s been a webcam-heavy start of the year for Romancing the Stones, so our locals had built up an appetite for some in-person Magic. 16 players met at Conan’s Pizza on a swelteringly hot day: it peaked at 109 degrees in Austin, so playing Vintage and drinking beers indoors sounded right. Conan’s was a fun new venue for us. The staff was lovely (some even play Magic!), the pizza was solid, and the ambience was just perfect for casting spells.

The meta was . . . strange. The tier 1 archetypes were represented, sure, but we also saw Welder! Blood Moon! Goblin Recruiter! Luminarch Aspirant! and Eldrazi Displacer! Why anyone bothers metagaming anymore, we can’t say.

To the surprise of few, Woodrow Bogucki won it all on the same pile of restricted cards he’s been successful with previously. With that he won a beautiful Tarot Thought-knot Seer, as well as a spot at the 2022 Invitational.

Y’all can expect 4 more events from us this year: 2 Middle School webcam leagues, and 2 in-person Vintage tournaments. The next MS League should be kicking off in August – details coming soon. Till then, stay cool everyone.

  1. Woodrow Bogucki – Grixis Pile
  2. Andrew Webb – Dredge
  3. Eric Vergo – Shops
  4. Brian Tweedy – UR Xerox
  5. Will – UR Welder
  6. Rob Connolly – Moon Stompy
  7. Robin Mannas – Goblins
  8. Bryan Hockey – PO
  9. Jack Bellingrath – Doomsday
  10. Patrick Vincent – Doomsday
  11. Stuart Ziarnik – Hatebears
  12. Kai Schafroth – Doomsday
  13. Seth Nowlin – White Eldrazi
  14. Mike O’Malley – Hogaak
  15. Bobby Scheidemann – UR Xerox
  16. John Thomas – Merfolk