We immediately followed the Dance Party with the return of the School’s Out Forever League, and got a solid turnout of 35 players.

We weren’t sure what to expect after last league’s aggro-fest: would aggro run it back, would combo come out to prey on the fair decks, or would control up its game and take back over? Well, it turned out to be a little bit of everything! The league was wonderfully diverse across both the Top 8 and the entire field – exactly what you want out of Middle School.

Elves took it down again after another strong performance from Mike Klements. Thanks to the White splash, Mike was able to Geddon the control decks, while still presenting an impressive clock to the aggro and combo decks. Well done, Mike!

We’ll be taking the next few months off Leagues to focus on in-person Magic and enjoying Austin’s 100+ heat. Look forward to seeing y’all back later this year for more Middle School!

  1. Mike Klements – Elf-A-Geddon
  2. Luke Tooker – Landstill
  3. David Gleicher – RecSur
  4. Bryan Hockey – Nether Spirit Control
  5. Patrick Vincent – Landstill
  6. Masayuki Higashi – Replenish Combo
  7. Galen Lemei – Parallax Tide Control
  8. Kai Schafroth – Full English Breakfast
  9. Bobby Scheidemann – Sligh
  10. Ryan Linda – MUD
  11. Rob Connolly – Sligh
  12. Rajah James – Turno Lands
  13. Lorien Elleman – Rector Oath
  14. Bryan Chasanoff – Pox
  15. Angelo Kortyka – RG Fires
  16. Mike O’Malley – Black Dragon
  17. Michael Arnold – Corn Pops
  18. Brian Tweedy – Parfait Oath
  19. Phillip Collier – White Weenie
  20. Andrew Webb – Devourer Combo
  21. Jake Baltz – DECKLIST MISSING
  22. Aaron Kahler – DECKLIST MISSING
  23. Gregg Graham – Aluren
  24. Paul Blakeley – Baller Oath
  25. Tri Nguyen – Landstill
  26. Dusty Hoppe – Trix
  27. Chad Frazier – Grixis Tog
  28. Chet Miller – Full English Breakfast
  29. Conor Brown – Dragon Halls
  30. Jasper Manges – DECKLIST MISSING
  31. Robert Wilson – Riftstill
  32. Eric Caffrey – Esper Control
  33. Kyle Wells – Dead Guy Ale
  34. Elliott Frank – Enchantress - The decklist isn’t missing but it’s a pdf and I am protesting
  35. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh