After some covid- and SXSW-related delays, we debuted our 2022 Vintage season at Lazarus Brewing! It was a beautiful day in Austin – spring is truly the best time to live here – and 17 players came out to drink some beer and cast powerful spells.

For this season, we’ve decided to get witchy with our prizes. Our proxy guru Bobby mocked up this impressive new-age take on Wheel of Fortune:

Perennial Top 4 finisher Kai Schafroth took it all down after a Grixis mirror. Congrats on the win and earning a spot in this year’s Invitational, Kai!

Due to a technical glitch we lost final standings. Fortunately, we manually salvaged our Top 4 to share here:

  1. Kai Schafroth – Grixis Tinker
  2. Woodrow Bogucki – Grixis Tinker
  3. Ben Kendrick – Ravager Shops
  4. John Russell – 4C Lurrus