After a year and some change at home, Romancing The Stones is back in person! This past weekend we returned to our roots with some Vintage at Kinda Tropical. 17 players came out to celebrate and see each other again.

Modern Horizons 2 was freshly legal and out in force. Our Top 4 featured Urza’s Saga, Dauthi Voidwalker, Ragavan, and Grief. Longtime competitor Ben Kendrick took it down on Ravager Shops, earning himself a spot at the 2021 Invitational.

We’ll be taking a break this summer, but will be back in a few months with more Vintage and Middle School!

Final Standings:

  1. Ben Kendrick – Ravager Shops
  2. Nate Golia – Voidwalker Jund
  3. Ethan Wiggins – Doomsday
  4. Jack Bellingrath – Dredge
  5. Ty Thomason – Doomsday
  6. Bryan Hockey – Bazaar Aggro
  7. Stuart Ziarnik – Colorless Eldrazi
  8. Woodrow Bogucki – Dragon Rage Aggro
  9. Mike O’Malley – Bazaar Aggro
  10. Chris Stearns – Dredge
  11. Nick Patniyot – Oath
  12. Jake Baltz – WG Hatebears
  13. Eric Vergo – DECKLIST MISSING
  14. Rob Dannenberg – BUG Control
  15. Tim Everett – BUG Fastbond Depths
  16. Brian Tweedy – UB Witch
  17. Curt Christian - DPS

Ben in the semi-finals. We were all having too much fun to snap a proper picture of our winner with his prize.

Jack tries to piece it together in the semi-finals after getting his bazaar wastelanded.

Nate hangs on against Ben’s Steel Overseer-enhanced team by abusing Lurrus to chump block. Unable to find his Cindervines to recur, and with no way to wrath the board, Nate eventually fell to our winner in this exciting finals match.