It’s summer and school is out! Last week we wrapped our biggest Middle School League to date, at 48 players strong.

The league featured great matches every week, and an especially dramatic Top 8. Three out of four quarterfinalists broke serve and advanced against higher-seeded opponents. Ultimately, local regular Patrick Vincent made enough land drops and drew enough cards to bring the title back to Austin.

Going into the summer months, we’ll be taking a break from webcam leagues so we can enjoy in-person Magic. With that, we’d like to thank several people for their support over this past year of leagues:

  • Our stream gurus, Nate Golia and Rob Connolly. This is a brutal job. Every week, they’re at the mercy of so many different pieces of hardware and software, but they habitually put together great entertainment every Thursday night.
  • Woodrow Bogucki, Andrew Webb, and our standing cast of stream hosts. These guys stepped up and gave great running commentary throughout weird gameplay, and brought a lot of professionalism to our coverage.
  • Rajah James, Jake Hilty, Lorien Elleman, and all of our friends outside of Texas. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know all of you guys, and we’d especially like to thank the regional community leaders who’ve evangelized both this format our events.

Most importantly, we’d like to express our deep, heartfelt thanks to all the players who participated in our events over this past year. 2020 and 2021 could easily have cratered our community, but as things open up, the Romancing the Stones scene is stronger and more active than ever. Y’all kept us together this year, and we can’t thank you enough.

As recently announced, we have in-person Vintage this Saturday, June 19th at Kinda Tropical. We’re throwing around ideas for some pop-up events this summer, but otherwise, y’all can plan on seeing us again this Fall!

Final Standings:

  1. Patrick Vincent – UW Landstill
  2. Luke Tooker – UW Landstill
  3. Robert Foflygen – The Rock
  4. Robert Wilson – Counter Rebels
  5. Sam Krohlow – Full English Breakfast
  6. Aaron Kahler – Slivers
  7. Bryan Hockey – Junk Combo Hermit
  8. Jake Hilty – Oath
  9. Greg Kotscharjan – UWB Control
  10. Andrew Webb – Tradewind Survival
  11. Eric Caffrey – GW Slide
  12. Ben Revell – Pox
  13. Conor Brown – Rector Oath
  14. Ian Files – UWG Grow
  15. Rueben Vela – Life Combo
  16. Dustin Ransom – Stasis
  17. Tom Conmy – UG Thresh
  18. Ben Nafziger – UR Phoenix
  19. Angelo Kortyka – Tax Rack
  20. Rajah James – Dragon
  21. Rob Connolly – Opposition Elves
  22. Ty Thomason – Dragon
  23. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh
  24. Ryan Linda- Tax Rack
  25. David Lance – Full English
  26. Hayden Bagot – DECKLIST MISSING
  27. Kyle Wells – Deadguy Ale
  28. Lorien Elleman – Junk Rector
  29. Stephen Bush – 4C Tax Rack Grow
  30. Tim Baran – UB Tog
  31. Nate Golia – UW Drake
  32. Mike Klements – Armageddon Elves
  33. Cayce Grissom – 4C Grow
  34. David London – Enchantress
  35. Brian Tweedy – The Solution
  36. Justin Martinez – The Rock
  37. Chad Frazier – Opposition Elves
  38. Travis Brown – Opposition Elves
  39. Mike O’Malley – Wheaties
  40. Jonathan Brunssen – The Solution
  41. Joe Kington – Wheaties
  42. Alan Finney – UG Oath
  43. JJ Johnson – Aluren
  44. Joseph Amaya – WB Control
  45. Jasper Mangus – Merfolk
  46. Jon Brne – Reanimator
  47. Cameron Gilpin – Mono Black Storm