14 players sat at their computers all day to celebrate our 20th Vintage event! While turnout was a bit down, competition was fierce: this event featured two Vintage Champs Top 8 competitors and two 2021 RTS Invitees! But in a tale as old as time, the whole thing was taken down by Angelo on PO, in his first ever Vintage event!

We’ll be shifting gears now with back-to-back Middle School leagues. Vintage will return this spring, but in the meantime, we can’t thank our community enough for sticking by us through 20 great tournaments. Here’s to the next 20!

  1. Angelo Kortyka – Esper PO
  2. Woodrow Bogucki – 4C Breach
  3. Tim Everett – Esper PO
  4. Nick Patniyot - DPS
  5. Eric Vergo – RUG Planeswalkers
  6. Jose Montini - Doomsday
  7. Ty Thomason – UR Xerox
  8. Matt Sperling – Golos Staxx
  9. Stuart Ziarnik – Colorless Eldrazi
  10. Shane Rice - DPS
  11. Patrick Vincent – Breach Oath
  12. Mike O’Malley – Krovikan Hogaak
  13. Brian Tweedy – Jeskai Xerox
  14. Kai Schafroth – Grixis Thieves