After a two-year hiatus, the Festival of Friendship returned!

Our Vintage and Middle School tournaments are cutthroat for-cash competitions, played for maximum EV. The Festival is not. In the days leading up to the event, we held a series of charity auctions and raffles benefitting the Central Texas Food Bank. The TOs assembled a fitting collection of items:

We had no idea what to expect, and set a goal of raising $500. After the raffles, auction, entry fees, and miscellaneous donations were counted, we raised $1,150! We cannot thank our community enough for their amazing generosity.

For the tournament itself, we put together a small prize pool of stamped cards for the Top 8, and Unlimited Red Blasts for everyone:

The field was noticeably different than our previous Old School tournaments: of 18 players, only 6 were unpowered! It was a fierce day, taken down by Ty Thomason after an impressive run on Atog.

We couldn’t be happier with this year’s Festival. Players were incredibly generous with their wallets and time, and we got to experiment with some new things as tournament organizers.

And now . . . deck photos!

  1. Ty Thomason – Atog

  2. Brian Tweedy – The Deck

  3. Robert Wilson – 4C Control

  4. Wendall Marvel – Mono Black

  5. Patrick Vincent – Troll Disco

  6. Chris Taylor – Power Monolith Combo

  7. Joseph Amaya – UWR Aggro

  8. Rob Connolly – Mono Black

  9. Joseph Kendall – White Weenie

  10. Sam Krohlow – Power Monolith Combo

  11. Kai Schafroth – Tax Aggro

  12. Tim Everett – Eel Aggro

  13. Nate Golia – BGR Atog

  14. Jimmy Locatelli – Hazezon Control

  15. David Craig – Mono Green

  16. Stuart Ziarnik – Tax Edge

  17. David London – Goblins

  18. Ian Files – Hymn-A-Geddon