Our final event of the 2020 was new territory for us. Middle School Leagues were a good way to familiarize ourselves with the logistics of playing over webcam. However, while a league runs over 6 weeks, RTS19 was a one-day event! We weren’t sure how this would go, but the players were great and everything ran smoothly. 18 players hung out from 11:00 to 7:00 to play their matches, watch games, and hang out in our discord voice channel. This was as close as we’ve come during the pandemic to approximating the old feeling of hanging out, and after the success of this event, we’ll pursue this model further in 2021.

That said, RTS19 was also a return to our bread and butter: Vintage! We hadn’t played this format since February, so it was great to see our playerbase hadn’t lost their knack for it.

Bazaar decks looked strong. Dredge-connoisseur Alex Zavoluk decided to take a different approach than usual, and was rewarded when Hogaak, Vengevine, and mana sources carried him to victory. Congrats to Alex for a well-played tournament, and earning himself a spot at the 2020/2021 Invitational Championship!

With that, we’ll be taking a break for the holidays, and returning strong in the new year. Keep your eye out for information on the Old School Festival of Friendship, RTS20, and more Middle School Leagues!

  1. Alex Zavoluk – BG Hogaak
  2. Stuart Ziarnik – Colorless Eldrazi
  3. Patrick Vincent – Dredge
  4. Kai Schafroth – Grixis Thieves
  5. Eric Vergo – RUG Planeswalkers
  6. Will Ho – RUG Planeswalkers
  7. Brian Tweedy – Jeskai Xerox
  8. Tim Everett – Merfolk
  9. Rob Connolly – WURG Lutri
  10. Gregory West – Jeskai Control
  11. Mike O’Malley – Krovikian Hollow One
  12. David Craig – Bant Spirits
  13. Heather Zeis – Ravager Shops
  14. Ty Thomason – Bant Fish
  15. Liz Orea – UR Delver
  16. Sam Craven – 2 Card Monte
  17. Rueben Vela - Doomsday
  18. Elijah Henly - Doomsday