At 40 players, our Fall Semester Middle School League was handily the biggest event Romancing The Stones has ever organized. More than anything, we want to express our gratitude to all 40 players who stuck with us and hung out for 6 rounds of Swiss. On our one-match-a-week schedule, that translates to spending a month and a half of your lives with us. That’s no small commitment, and we were thrilled to have all of you.

To the shame (if not surprise) of us all, Lorien Elleman took it down on Goblins! He may not be a Texan, but he’s a hell of a player.

The Fall Semester drove home to us the diversity and potential of the Middle School Format. Both the Top 8 and entire field looked quite different than either of our previous leagues, and the gameplay was great. While we’re taking a break from leagues as we enter the holiday season, Romancing The Stones will continue to support Middle School. This format rocks.

We want to give a special shoutout to community stalwart Nate Golia for his work on running our Twitch stream during the league. Because of the hours he put in, we were able to host matches on Twitch every Thursday, and had great viewership. Thanks, Nate, for going above and beyond the call!

You’ll be seeing more Goblin Lackeys, Pernicious Deeds, and Morphlings from us in 2021. In the meantime, see y’all for some Vintage in 2 weeks!

  1. Lorien Elleman – RB Goblins
  2. Hayden Bagot – Full English Breakfast
  3. Brian Tweedy – Nether Spirit Control
  4. Andrew Webb – Angry Hermit
  5. Travis Brown – Opposition Elves
  6. Steve McGrew – GW Terrageddon
  7. Tim Everett – Mono U Stiflenaught
  8. Sam Krohlow – Full English Breakfast
  9. Angelo Kortyka – RB Aggro
  10. Ty Thomason – Goblin Sligh
  11. Greg Kotscharjan – Zombie Infestation
  12. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh
  13. Nate Golia – Squirrel Bombardment
  14. Jake Baltz – [Elves!]
  15. Woodrow Bogucki – Landstill
  16. Joseph Amaya – Pox
  17. Bryan Hockey – Elves!
  18. Kyle Driskill – The Rock
  19. Jason Gaudard – Necro Trix
  20. Miguel Angel Garcia – Sligh
  21. Paul Blakeley – Machinehead
  22. Tom Conmy – Landstill
  23. Gregory West – Eggs
  24. Eric Martin – USA Control
  25. Patrick Vincent – Landstill
  26. David London – Mono U Skies
  27. Mike O’Malley – 10-Land Stompy
  28. Will Fisher – RG Stormbind
  29. Eric Vergo – Bant Thresh
  30. John Russell – Psychatog
  31. Joe Kington – Full English Breakfast
  32. David Craig – Angry DruidNaught
  33. Aaron Kahler – Battle of Wits
  34. Rajah James – Stasis
  35. David Velasco – Esper Wizards
  36. Phil Nguyen – Lands Stuff
  37. Jose Montini – Grixis Scion
  38. Cameron Gilpin – Reanimator Storm
  39. Mischa O’Connell – PandeBurst
  40. Rueben Vela – The Rock