After a successful test run earlier this summer, we returned for a more ambitious webcam league. 30 players signed up, making this one of our biggest events to date.

No one was really sure how this league would play out, as many of us were new to the Middle School format. In the early rounds, it looked like combo decks stress-testing the format would dominate the league. By the end of round 5, however, it was clear that interactive control decks still looked good!

This league was a good opportunity for us to dip our toes further intro streaming. We hosted feature matches every Thursday night on Twitch, and built a solid viewership. Thanks to producers Rob, Nate, and Tweedy; to guest hosts Hockey, Andrew, and Stu; to any players who put themselves out there; and to everyone who tuned in.

On that note, we’d also like to thank everyone who played their matches in Whereby. We miss each other and playing, so it’s been great getting to watch matches and see friendly faces again.

Finally, we’d like to give a special shoutout to the non-Texans who joined the event. A huge benefit of the webcam format is getting to meet and play against people around the country and world. You guys were excellent additions to our scene, and we’d love to see you again in our upcoming Fall Semester league!

  1. Rob Connolly – Necro Rock
  2. Woodrow Bogucki – Landstill
  3. Hayden Bagot – UW Stiflenaught
  4. Travis Brown – Elf-A-Geddon
  5. Patrick Vincent – Landstill
  6. Lorien Elleman – Madness Survival
  7. David London – UG Enchantress
  8. Bryan Hockey – Wheaties
  9. Ty Thomason – Turboland Oath
  10. Andrew Webb – Devourer Combo
  11. Tim Everett – Stiflenaught
  12. David Craig – Goblins
  13. Nick Olin – Reanimator
  14. Jason Gaudard – Solidarity
  15. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh
  16. Matt Braun – RW Tax Rack Aggro
  17. Nate Golia – RW Devastating Dreams
  18. Sam Goldman – Sligh
  19. Eric Vergo – RG Fires
  20. Eric Martin – World Champs Precon
  21. Simon Christie – Sligh
  22. Matt Webster – Draco Explosion
  23. Mox Emerald Scott – Elves
  24. Brian Tweedy – Mono Black Necro
  25. Mike O’Malley – Beast Rock
  26. Will Miertschin – Grixis Control
  27. Rajah James – Eggs
  28. Brendan Hagan – Green Staxx
  29. Ian Files – Landstill
  30. Joe Kington – Brown Snakes Tinker