In June, Romancing the Stones ran our first ever webcam league! We chose the Middle School format as something fun, new, and casual to mess around with. 10 players from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio joined.

We wanted the league to be very relaxed, so each round players had 1 week to play their match. By early July we’d completed the Swiss, with the Top 4 played out shortly thereafter.

Most matches were streamed live in the Austin Eternal MTG discord. This worked well, though in the future we hope to stream on platforms that allow anyone to watch.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the country, we’ll be using the webcam approach for our future events. We have another Middle School league up next, and expect some Vintage and Old School this fall. The event was a blast – thanks for the 10 brave mages who pioneered this with us!

  1. Brian Tweedy – UG Oath
  2. Stuart Ziarnik – Sligh
  3. Kyle Driskill – UG Madness
  4. Tim Everett – RUG Intruder Alarm – COOLEST DECK
  5. Joseph Amaya – Elves
  6. Nick Olin – Esper Trix
  7. Patrick Vincent – Full English Breakfast
  8. Nate Golia – UB Psychatog Maindeck Sideboard
  9. Rob Connolly – Sligh
  10. Chris Taylor – Mono Black Reanimator