The August 26 Restricted List update was a monumental shakeup for Vintage. In addition to freeing us from the shackles of Karn and Mystic Forge, the DCI also toned down the Dredge menace. Most importantly, though, the restriction of Mental Misstep was a huge shift after 8 years of the card’s omnipresence in blue decks. And that’s to say nothing of the Fastbond unrestriction!

Not surprisingly, our players were reenergized for Vintage! 21 mages joined us at Lazarus Brewing to enjoy some beer, chilaquiles, 100-degree heat, and a brand-new Vintage landscape. All that said, nothing ever really changes, and after 5 rounds and a cut to top 4, Bryan Hockey still took it down on Paradoxical Outcome.

  1. Bryan Hockey – Paradoxical Outcome
  2. Shane Rice – Dark Petition Storm
  3. Nate Golia – Turbo Depths
  4. Jeff Lubinski – Survival
  5. Stuart Ziarnik – UWR Xerox
  6. Patrick Vincent – BUG Control
  7. Kai Schafroth – UW Eldrazi
  8. Mike O’Malley – Survival
  9. Rob Connolly – Red Shops
  10. Brian Tweedy – UWR Xerox
  11. Hugo Vargas-Zasati – Ravager Shops
  12. Eric Smothermon – Fastbond Combo Lands
  13. Jake Baltz – Jund
  14. Jacob Zernick – Fastbond Combo Lands
  15. Shane Klink – Paradoxical Outcome
  16. Cody Armond – Ravager Shops
  17. Curt Christian – Grixis PO
  18. Joseph Amaya – Paradoxical Outcome
  19. Rafael Martinez – UW Control
  20. Eric Miller – GW Depths
  21. Alex Zavoluk – Dredge