by Stu Ziarnik

With a pending B&R announcement and a 3-week lull until our next Vintage event, we felt like it was a good time to dip our toes into Middle School. 7 mages came out to try the format, none of whom registered any Blue cards! We met at our usual Wednesday night testing grounds, Batch Kolaches.

After 3 rounds, Joseph went undefeated by running over everyone with his Elves.

  1. Joseph Amaya – Elves
  2. Stuart Ziarnik – White Weenie
  3. Bryan Hockey – Enchantress
  4. Rob Connolly – Sligh
  5. Patrick Vincent – Mono Black Reanimator
  6. Curt Christian – Big Red
  7. Mike O’Malley – Goblins

Unlike our usual high-stakes events, we ran this tournament for free. Stu donated a signed Necropotence for 1st Place, and an APAC Forest for Best Brew (which went to Curt Christian for his Big Red deck).

Now, for some pics:

Some Red on Red action. Ultimately, Mike’s Goblins couldn’t defeat Curt’s Shard Phoenix, Earthquake, and Wildfires:

Stu’s Weenies got Joseph down to 1 life, before the Elves stabilized with Masticore and could machine gun down his board:

Curt’s Factories did a good job stonewalling Stu’s 4 pro-Red Knights, but Armageddon sealed the deal:

Even without Griselbrand in the format, Reanimator is still pretty scary for Sligh decks: