We returned to Growler USA for what was the smallest Romancing the Stones on record. Still, 12 mages ground out 5 rounds of Vintage, featuring many new pieces of War of the Spark, Modern Horizons, and London Mulligan tech. The much-feared Dredge took it down in an impressive 7-0 run by Jack Bellingrath, who earned himself a spot at the Invitational!

  1. Jack Bellingrath – Quadlaser Dredge
  2. Kai Schafroth – Mystic Forge Shops
  3. James Damore – UWR Arcanist Xerox
  4. Jeff Lubinski – BUG Survival
  5. Brian Tweedy – Pitch Dredge
  6. Stuart Ziarnik – UR Pyromancer
  7. Shane Rice - DPS
  8. Rob Connolly – Mystic Forge Shops
  9. Bryan Hockey – Paradoxical Outcome
  10. Patrick Vincent – Mystic Forge Shops
  11. Mike O’Malley – Bant Survival
  12. Jake Baltz - Jund