The Summer of 94 returned this weekend! 31 players came out, making this our biggest event ever. Kinda Tropical graciously hosted us, setting aside their entire indoor space for the tournament.

All entries fees went toward Mission 22, which seeks to end veteran suicides. Combined with our charity card sales, we raised $534.

Our Top 4 was a great cross section of Texas Old School, with Naji Norder (Austin), Dan Ersch (San Antonio), Simon Christie (Houston), and Danny Friedman (Dallas) all representing their cities. Likewise, the meta looked healthy, and there were some awesome cards in the room, including 84 pieces of Power!

Final Standings

Deck Photos (Alphabetical)

Andy Swaffar – Troll Disco

Billy Palmer - Sanstress

Brian Tweedy – Tax Tower Erhnamgeddon

Bryan Hockey – Mono Black

Chris Taylor – RB Land Destruction

Craig Spooner – Underworld Dreams Combo

Curt Christian – Atog

Dan Ersch – 5C Atog

Daniel Groh – Naya Bazaar Zoo

Danny Friedman – The Deck

Eric Martin – Goblins

Eric Miller – Pink Burn

Hugo Vargas-Zesati – Mono White Banding

Ian Files – Erhnamgeddon

Jimmy Locatelli – RW Tax Edge

Joe Wozny – Pink Weenie

John Russell – RB Aggro

Joseph Amaya – Pink Weenie – Decklist missing!

Mark Brothers – UW Weenie

Naji Norder – 4C Fun Stuff

Nate Golia – RG Aggro

Nick Steger – UW Fliers

Robert Wyatt – UR Counterburn

Robin Mannas – Mono Black

Sam Craven – Dega

Sam Goldman – Mono Black

Seth Nowlin – Mono Black

Simon Christie – Miscut Counterburn

Stuart Ziarnik – Blue Moon

Tim Everett – Mono Black

W David Row – Mono Black