Announcement at The Mana Drain

25 players came out to celebrate May the 4th with us at 4th Tap Brewing. After five rounds, our top 4 looked eerily similar to the last event’s. Joseph Amaya put up a valiant fight with his Narset PO list, but ultimately couldn’t unseat the Michigan Madman Bryan Hockey, thus continuing his incredible personal streak and further solidifying PO as the best deck in the RtS meta.

War of the Spark entered the cardpool this weekend, and our players were eager to try it! Of 25 lists, we saw the following WAR appearances:

  • Narset, Parter of Veils: 8 copies: Narset’s had the most Vintage buzz of all the new WAR cards, and put up respectable results. While she was most common in Xerox lists, she was used notably by finalist Joseph Amaya in his PO list. Out of 6 rounds, Joseph successfully Timetwistered with Narset 4 times!
  • Karn, the Great Creator: 9 copies: Karn was our most popular WAR card this weekend, and was used in a variety of lists. Top 4 competitor Kai Schafroth included him in his White Eldrazi deck, along with a wishboard of cards like Mycosynth Lattice. Elsewhere, Karn was the basis of Raf Martinez’s 7th-place Planeswalker Control deck, alongside new Teferi.
  • Saheeli, Sublime Artificer: 2 copies: Saheeli only showed up in one deck, but it was an important one. Bryan Hockey took down the event with his Saheeli PO list, and afterward said she was often better than Mentor.
  • Teferi, Time Raveler: 4 copies: Teferi showed up exactly where you’d expect him, in controlling UWx lists.
  • Bolas’s Citadel: 2 copies: While he didn’t put up great results, Curt Christian had a good time playing Bolas’s Citadel in place of Yawgmoth’s Bargain in his DPS list.
  • Blast Zone: 1 copy: Manny Gonzalez added this to his lands deck. In Manny’s own words, “it was something that lands needed quite a bit, without having to go into blue. A recurring engineered explosives that also taps for mana.”
  1. Bryan Hockey - Paradoxical Outcome
  2. Joseph Amaya - Paradoxical Outcome
  3. Kai Schafroth – White Eldrazi
  4. Patrick Vincent - Ravager Shops
  5. James Damore – RUG Xerox
  6. Jeff Lubinski – Bant Survival
  7. Raf Martinez – Karn Control
  8. Eric Miller – GW Depths
  9. Shane Rice – DPS
  10. Nick Patniyot – Painter
  11. Jack Bellingrath – UWR Xerox
  12. Colten Glass – Punishing Oath
  13. Hugo Vargas – Ravager Shops (LIST MISSING)
  14. Tim Everett – UB NinjaStill
  15. Jacob Zernick – Paradoxical Outcome
  16. Stuart Ziarnik – White Eldrazi
  17. Rob Connolly – Moon Stompy
  18. Curt Christian – DPS
  19. Mike O’Malley – Bant Survival
  20. Chris Huckabee – UR Xerox
  21. Manny Gonzalez – Lands
  22. Eric Smothermon – Ravager Shops
  23. Alex Bosserman – Oath
  24. Ian Files – Blue Moon
  25. Brian Tweedy – UWR Xerox (LIST MISSING)