Announcement at The Mana Drain

After the long grind that is living in Austin during SXSW, we’re back! 21 mages made their way downtown for beer and Vintage. Despite a valiant effort from Merfolk-stalwart Tim Everett, Patrick Vincent took it down, earning himself a spot in the Invitational and cementing PO as the deck to beat this season.

Standings and Lists

This was our first event where we had our consolation prize for players who missed top four on breakers–a custom Mental Misstep proxy–only for us to end up with a clean break thanks to Bryan Hockey’s dubious 3-0-2 record.

  1. Patrick Vincent - Paradoxical Outcome
  2. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  3. Kai Schafroth – Paradoxical Outcome
  4. Bryan Hockey - 63-card Esper Madness
  5. Alex Zavoluk – Dredge
  6. Jacob Zernick – OathStill
  7. Alex Bosserman – 4C Oath
  8. Nate Golia – Survival
  9. Sam Craven – 5C Staxx
  10. James Damore – RUG Pyromancer
  11. Chris Huckabee – Golden Gun Oath
  12. Joseph Amaya – Paradoxical Outcome
  13. Robin Mannas – Ravager Shops
  14. Ben Kendrick – Ravager Shops
  15. Curt Christian – Ramunap Pyromancer Xerox
  16. Ian Files – Blue Moon
  17. Mike O’Malley – 4C Pile
  18. Stuart Ziarnik – UR Pyromancer
  19. Jake Baltz – Fastbond High Tide
  20. Jeff Lubinski – Survival
  21. Shane Rice – DPS