On Sunday, we hosted the inaugural Festival of Friendship: a non-proxy, charity Old School tournament celebrating old cards, booze, and, of course, friendship. We weren’t sure how it would go, as all the Romancing The Stones events have been 100% proxy. However, when the doors of Barracuda opened at 11:00, we had 28 players ready to sling some power and do shots of Malort. Everyone’s $20 entry went towards Austin Pets Alive (Austin’s biggest no-kill animal shelter), and got them breakfast tacos, stickers, and a Sage of Lat Nam. In addition, we were delighted with a surprise Erhnamgeddon cake courtesy of Mark Brothers!

After our customary 5 rounds of Swiss, our Top 4 was Patrick Vincent, Brian Tweedy, Rob Connolly, and Winston Wood. They battled it out, and Patrick Vincent and his Trolls emerged victorious to take home the oversized Chaos Orb!

We were thrilled with the entire event, and can’t thank players enough for making the drive locally, from San Antonio, and from Houston! After such a successful outing, we’ve decided this will not be the last you see of the Festival of Friendship . . .


The scene: No finer way to start the day… …I speak, of course, of Chicago’s finest… …Which, of course, is best in a group Shoutout to the big group that joined us from San Antonio And of course, our champ is here We even had a father and son pairing! Special feature: The world’s most powerful Kird Ape (40)


Patrick - Troll Disco Winston Wood - Troll Disco Alan Raphael - UW Weenie Matt Jordan - Goblins David Row - Grixis Dreams Billy Palmer - Sapphire Djinn and Juice Stuart Ziarnick - Rubber Banding Elliot Wood - Bantamegeddon Simon Christie - Atog Sting Brian Hockey - Mono Black Rob Connolly - Mono Black Curt Christian - UR Control Nick Steger - UW Fliers Chris Taylor - Troll Disco Naji Norder - UR Counterburn Dan Ersch - UR Control Mike O’Malley - Mono Black Daniel Groh - Ernhamgeddon Kyle Larson - Pixie Beats Ian Files - Goblins Kai Schafroth - Mono Black Eric Miller - RW Tax Edge Gregory Lystra - RUG Zoo Joseph Amaya - RBW Pile Brian Tweedy - The Deck of Lat Nam Michael Antuzzi - Jund Pile *Winner: Best Brew* James Locatelli - White Weenie Mark Brothers - Bantamegeddon