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27 players joined us at 4th tap to battle in Magic’s greatest format. Along the way, we had some insane plays, insaner decks, and beautiful proxies.


  1. Jeff Lubinski - Bant Survival
  2. Shane Rice - Dark Petition Storm
  3. Patrick Vincent - Paradoxical
  4. Sam Craven - Two Card Monte
  5. Ben Kendrick - 4C Survival
  6. Ian Jefferies - Moon Stompy
  7. Etienne Vouga - Niv-Mizet Oath
  8. Kyle Schafroth - Dark Petition Storm
  9. Elijah Henly - Ravager Shops
  10. Brian hockey - Paradoxical
  11. Chris Huckabee - Ravager Shops
  12. Joseph Amaya - RUG Pyrocaster
  13. Tim Graham - UR Delver
  14. Alex Z - Amalgam Dredge
  15. Dan Ersch - MoldrOatha
  16. Bobby S - Ravager Shops
  17. Heather Zeis - RUg Pyromancer
  18. Jacob Zernick - Bant Survival
  19. Doyuglas McGrew - UR Xerox
  20. Hugo Vargas-Zesati - Ravager Shops
  21. Manuel - Ravager Shops
  22. Peter Gustafson - Creepy Dredge
  23. Jeremy Thompson - Jeskai Control
  24. Ian Files - 4 Color Grow Control
  25. Samuel Katz - Splinter Twin
  26. Tim Everett - Azorius Delver
  27. Michael O’Malley - Paradoxical


The Houston contingent woke up at ass-o’clock to head to Austin

A situation made significanly better by koláče and klobásníky at Hruska’s in Ellinger

Elijah ruins what could’ve been a lovely overview of what the venue looks like.

Our fearless leader, Mike, makes the opening annoucements.

One of the stranger board states of the day.

3 Leyline in the opener is okay against Survival, right?

When they reach to read Blightsteel, you know you’re having a good time.

Another great couple of shots of the venue.

Hand-drawn proxies are always appreciated.

The battle of the great proxies.

Dan may have won best card in play with Muldrotha, the Gravetide.

Dan one-ups himself with a Bane of Progress

Our winner poses with his prize.

We showed you Houston’s breakfast, so of course we’ve got to show you dinner at East Side Pies.