Having reached the midway point in the 2018 Romancing The Stones tournament series, we wanted to do something special. Ultimately, we decided on two things:

  • We’d take a break from Vintage, and dive into Old School.
  • We wanted to try a non-brewery venue. Vigilante is a game-focused gastropub, which fit the bill perfectly.

After some back-and-forth, we landed on using Eternal Central’s 93/94 rules. As an organizing committee we had mixed feelings about unrestricted Strip Mine, but as EC is the most common ruleset in the US, we thought it was best to follow their lead. Several days before the event we realized we’d scheduled it on the same day as the Core 2019 prerelease, and a Legacy 1K in Dallas! We were a bit nervous our turnout would suffer, but fortunately, our brethren in San Antonio and Houston came out in force, and we still wound up with 24 players. In the end, Rob Connolly took down the event on Mono Black Aggro, earning himself a Serra Angel playmat and a spot in the year-end Festival of Friendship invitational!

Thanks everyone for coming out and playing some Old School with us! We’ll be back in August with more Vintage.

Link to annoucement post

Standings before cut to top 4:

  1. Rob Connolly - Mono Black
  2. Stuart Ziarnik - Goblins
  3. Winston Wood - UR Counterburn
  4. Naij Norder - UR Counterburn
  5. Dan Ersch - Reanimator
  6. Patrick Vincent - Troll Disco
  7. Bobby Scheidemann - Mono Black
  8. Mike O’Malley - Trade binder Aggro
  9. Robin Mannas - RUG Tempo
  10. Jeff Lubinski - UWR Aggro
  11. Heather Zeiss - Titania’s Prison
  12. Brian Tweedy - Atog
  13. Billy Palmer - White Weenie
  14. John Russell - Mono Black
  15. Elliot Wood - Mono Black
  16. Eric Miller - UW SKies
  17. Doug McGrew - Turbo Fog
  18. Joe Amaya - Pink Weenie
  19. Christian Dinh - Power Monolith Combo
  20. David London - Goblins
  21. Ian Files - Erhnamgeddon
  22. Tim Everett - Balls Stompy
  23. Andrew Schulte - RUG Zoo
  24. Frank Surgis - RUG Midrange


Our traditional Old School prize pool:

Our awesome venue. Thanks again to Vigilante!

Our top 4:

And our winner!

Deck pics:

Stu’s second place Goblin’s deck:

Naij’s fourth place Counterburn deck:

Bobby’s seventh place Mono Black deck:

Doug’s seventeenth place Turbo Fog deck:

Joe’s eighteenth place Pink Weenie deck”