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  1. Stu Ziarnik - White Eldrazi
  2. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  3. Alex Zavoluk - Hollow One Dredge
  4. Ian Files - Rugw Pile
  5. Jacob Zernik - 5C Humans
  6. Will Lo - UR Delver
  7. Mike O’Malley - Bob’s Revenge
  8. Jake Baltz - Landstill
  9. Michael Christian - UR Delver
  10. Derrick Steele - Ravager Shops
  11. Seth Nowlin - White Eldrazi
  12. Chris Huckabee - BUG
  13. Patrick Vincent - Flash Rector
  14. Brian Tweedy - Landstill
  15. Matt Jordan - Oath
  16. Johnny Angulo - White Trash
  17. Bobby Schneidemann - Leovold’s Kitchen Sink
  18. Sam Katz - Landstill
  19. Derek Cornelius - Merfolk
  20. Ben Kennedy - Ravager Shops
  21. Brendan Lyons - Modern Budget Burn
  22. Joel Peabody - Energy
  23. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  24. Jack Bellingrath - Doomsday

Yesterday, we hosted the inaugural Romancing The Stones tournament. All told, 24 Vintage enthusiasts came out to 4th Tap Brewing, breaking the record for largest Goyf Vintage event! Players battled it out for cash and a Mox Sapphire playmat. After 5 rounds, Stu was undefeated on White Eldrazi and took home the mat. He was joined in the Top 4 by Ben (on Shops), Alex (on Dredge), and Ian (on a RUG pile). Fun Magic and good beer were had by all, starting 2018 and the Romancing The Stones series off right.

Our venue for the day

Chris repping the last Austing Vintage mat

Bobby’s sweet proxies

Yixlid Jailer v Hollow One

Our top four

And our winner, who is now obligated to finally learn to play blue

This candle exists and you need to know about it.