The pandemic has had a profound impact on all paper Magic communities. Romancing The Stones is no exception to that. We want to stay engaged during this time, and have been exploring digital events and activities to bring us together.

At the end of June, we asked our players to design cards that would be good additions to the Vintage card pool. We suggested this could mean a number of things: a competitive option for a tier 1 deck; something cool to brew around; something that just seems fun in a format with Black Lotus; a card that boosts a flagging archetype; a great sideboard roleplayer; or something that fixes a problem in the format. The entries ran the gamut of those, and gave us a lot to chew on!

RtS oldtimers Stu and Ben judged the competition, and want to sincerely thank every one of our contestants for taking the time and energy to design cards for us! Every single card was interesting, funny, or both or us to talk about. We would be privileged to get to play with the cards y’all came up with.

We judged submissions for the following 4 categories:

  • Best Overall Design
  • Most Flavorful
  • Most Likely to Get Restricted
  • The Lurrus Award for Worst Design The submissions were so well done that for most of those categories, we had to award both a 1st Place and a Runner-up.

Eric Vergo took home Best Overall with his excellent Precarious Connection. Our card-design guru Bobby will be drafting up and printing a unique copy of Precarious Connection for Eric’s collection.

(We really appreciated submissions that were done in a frame, with art. For those that weren’t, we’ve done them here with our Burger logo.)

Bryan Hockey

Stuart, Grand Organizer

Kaltus, Writer of Law

Simple Hermit

Extort: Runner-up, Most Flavorful

Fire-Forged Oustonite

Eric Miller

Hobart: 1st Place, Best Overall Design

Jack Bellingrath

Bo Levar

Goblin Basher

Joseph Amaya

Mandate of Bloodletting

Primordial Fires

Mons’s Elite Raiders: Runner-up, Most Likely to Get Restricted

Ro Hinojosa

Entry-Level Bear: The Lurrus Award for Worst Design

The Faerly Oddparents

Alex Zavoluk

Tax Collector

Living Maze

Force Balance: 1st Place, Most Likely to Get Restricted

One With Graves

Ian Files

Karn’s Undoing

Ty Thomason

Goblin Accountant: 1st Place, Most Flavorful

Goblin Mutation

Goblin Zookeeper

Steven Whitehead

Rhetorical Wizard

Eric Vergo

Unnatural Evolution

Arcbound Replicator

Tamiyo, Friend to Fauna

Precarious Connection: 1st Place, Best Overall Design


Keeper of Rest

Nate Golia

Sealing Chaplain

Stone of Interloper’s Bane


Feedback Field

Leveling Field

Knowledge Field

Enchanted Field

Field of Greed