Welcome to our Spring 2021 Middle School League!

  • Format: Middle School, using Eternal Central’s deck construction and play rules (i.e. mana burn, damage on the stack, etc)
  • Location: Webcams! Players can use GChat, Zoom, Discord, Whereby, or whatever service they like to play their matches. If you have questions about playing paper Magic over webcams, please contact Stu for basic tips, or do some Googling. Romancing the Stones manages a Discord server. Check there for more info on where the easiest places to play are.
  • Proxy Limit: 100% proxy. Please make your proxies clear so opponents can easily identify them over webcam.
  • Entry: RSVP to romancingthestonesmtg@gmail.com. Entry is a $5 donation to the Central Texas Food Bank, based on the honor system. (Don’t worry about it if you can’t afford $5 because the world is crumbling around us.)
  • Decklists: Send deck photos to romancingthestonesmtg@gmail.com prior to your first match. It’s okay to just send a list if you haven’t gotten your cards together yet; just note that we’ll need an image before the end of the tournament.
  • Structure: Swiss rounds, with a cut to Top 8. Players will have 1 week to coordinate and play each match.

We’ll be taking signups until February 19th, and Round 1 will begin February 22nd.