• Registration: June 8th, 12:30 registration, with a 1:00 start time.
  • Location: This event will be held in Houston at PJ’s Sports Bar - 614 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019
  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Structure: 50-minute Swiss rounds based on attendance (typically five rounds), then cut to top 4.
  • Payout:
    • 100% of entry fees are paid out to the top 4
    • The winner earns an invitation to the season’s year-end invitational championship
    • The winner also earn a custom, Austin-themed proxy card
  • Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
  • Proxy rules: While we love real cards and beautifully-rendered proxies, it’s more important to us that you’re just here and playing. As such, we’re not instituting any proxy rules or guidelines.
  • Decklists: We will be collecting decklists to post online after the event. Printed lists or lists written on notebook paper are fine (as long as it’s readable).
  • Food and Drink: See the venue for details. Drinking is encouraged but by no means required.

Sunday “Middle School” Magic

Our friends, the Lonestar Lhurgoyfs, are holding a “Middle School” format magic tournament Sunday. Check out their site for more info.